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Ideas for Rainy Days at Walt Disney World!

No matter the amount of planning you do for any vacation, there are always things that you just can’t account for. One of those is the weather! Granted, you can always prepare for it to be blistering hot if you go in the middle of summer, and plan for lower temps in January. However, you can never anticipate when a rainy day at Disney when planning your family vacation. So that begs the question, what is there to do in Walt Disney World on those unfortunate days of rain during your trip? Let’s dive into some options!

1. Rainy days at Disney don’t close the parks, so still go!

You spend a LOT of money on a Walt Disney World vacation, so there is definitely a lot of reason to just trudge through the rain. Grab the ponchos and rain jackets and hit the parks! For the most part, the parks operate business as usual if it is raining. There are a few exceptions to this, such as Test Track in EPCOT not operating in the event of rain, and of course any outside attraction not operating in the event of lightning.

There are actually some pros to still visiting the parks in the event of the rain. First, and most obvious, is the parks will have much lower crowds.  Most visitors, especially the local annual passholders, will opt against spending the day at the parks and wait for a day with better weather. This will lead to much lower wait times, especially for the top attractions.

Another pro is that on a normal day when the sun is shining, you may be hesitant to ride any of the attractions where you could get wet. This isn’t a concern on a day when you are already walking around in the rain anyway or have a poncho handy already!

Finally, even though it’s raining there are still plenty of indoor attractions, character meet and greets, and dining that you can take advantage of to stay dry!

2. Head to Disney Springs for some bowling, a movie, or shopping!

Another option on a rainy day at Disney is to head to Disney Springs and watch a movie! AMC Disney Springs 24 Dine-In Theaters is a large first-run movie theater in the West Side area of Disney Springs that features reserved seating, food and drink service at your seat, and a fully stocked bar along with theater staples like stadium seating, concession stands, and state of the art audio and video.  One thing to keep in mind though, is there will be a LOT of people with this same line of thinking. So, if you see rain in your forecast, you may want to go online and snag your seats early so you aren’t stuck with nothing to do because everyone else beat you to the punch. Additionally, this is something to be aware of if you aren’t a fan of a full movie theater and like a much more subdued environment to enjoy a quiet movie in.

Near the AMC theater in Disney Springs’ West Side is Splitsville Luxury Lanes, which features 30 lanes of bowling, billiards, restaurant, bar, and live entertainment. Something unique that Splitsville offers is a lane concierge to help you setup your games and optimize your time at your lane.

Similar to going to the movies, Splitsville tends to be VERY busy on rainy days, so online reservations are strongly encouraged in the event of rain in your forecast. However, one thing to keep in mind is that Splitsville, in a Disney-like move, charges more for convenience. You will pay ten dollars more per hour for each hour booked online rather than their standard walk-in rate. Just beware on a rainy day your wait time for a lane if you walk-in can rival some of the top-tier attractions at Disney World on the busiest park day.

3. A Rainy Day at Disney is a Good Reason to Pamper Yourself!

Sometimes you can use the rain to your advantage and pamper yourself.  It’s always a good excuse to refresh from those long days at the park earlier in your trip. There are a few full-service spas around the Walt Disney World resort property, including at the Swan and Dolphin, Saratoga Springs, and Grand Floridian. Additionally, several of the fitness centers in deluxe resorts as well as Coronado Springs offer massage services. Again, keep in mind that anything indoors will be very popular on those rainy days, so it is very important to try and schedule any of these services online. Doing so will save yourself some hassle and relieve any extra stress. Using a rainy day to rest and recharge is never a bad idea to help your body recover from those long days at the parks!

4. Enjoy a Resort Day!

Why even venture far away from your room on a rainy day at Disney? Many of the resorts around Walt Disney World have so many entertainment options that you don’t even have to leave. Particularly the deluxe resorts offer various bars and lounges, and some offer live entertainment in the lobbies. Maybe enjoy a meal at one of the many table service restaurants at the various resorts (assuming there are reservation times available or walk-up availability). Finally, what better way to spend a rainy day than just catching a nap to rest up for your next day at the park!

That wraps up our list of ideas on how to spend a rainy day at Walt Disney World! If you need help planning your next vacation, whether it be to Walt Disney World or other great locations, don’t hesitate to request a FREE, no-obligation quote, by heading over to our Quote Page now!

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